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20muses - Haruka Naru Toki no Naka de

This round for 20muses I tried some new techniques and I had a lot of fun interpreting the themes. Many of them didn't seem to be a good fit for the series I claimed, but pushing through and making it work was a great exercise of creativity, and ended up being really exciting.

haruka naru toki no naka de

land of confusion // far from normal // freaky friday // the sound of silence

outside the window // the golden years return // addiction // pretending it's not broken

summer storm // inner flame // the ends of the earth // blood on the snow

celebration of the ordinary // behind the gun // the unimaginable touch of time // arabian nights

you don't learn that in school // maps // play on words // the rennaisance

02 - Yasuaki is an artificial human and specialist in magic and divination.
08 - Yorihisa is a samurai of the Imperial court. His rank means he shouldn't fall in love with anyone of a greater status, but it seems he has a little forbidden crush on Akane.
10 - Tenma seems to have the strongest willpower of the Haruka Naru cast.
14 - Akuram is the one who brought Akane into the past in order to use her.
15 - Fitting theme for a time-travel story.
17 - I tried to show Temna's determination, even when the odds are against him.
19 - Eisen is a peaceful monk. Here he is depicted petting Nara deer.
20 - The Rennaisance was a time of learning and art. I tried to capture both, and add a forgotten quality to it as well because I think the mystery of that period is part of its charm.

credit cool_spectrum or classic_shades for any icons taken.
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