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20muses - Tsubasa Amaha from Starry Sky

This is actually late to the party thanks to my internet dying before I could get these posted, but I still wanted to showcase these seperately so that I could explain the use of themes and possibly get some feedback about the different techniques I employed while expirimenting with the themes.

The themes at 20muses were based after contemporary artists, so I really relied on the visuals for inspiration. Most of the icons here are my attempt to emulate and absorb nuances of the paintings from the inspiration post, so checking back to this post is probably going to help you figure out why most of these look so different from my usual iconning style.

tsubasa amaha


credit cool_spectrum or classic_shades for any icons taken.
● comments are always welcomed.
● please do not edit my graphics.
● if you like making icons, check out 20muses!
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